• Begin the day in grand tradition, at a historic café in Mayfair
  • Choose from an extensive menu of teas, Viennese pastries and more
  • Indulge in a hearty meal, then walk it off with a stroll through St. James Park

There are few things that make you feel like you’ve arrived in London more than a walk through a royal park followed by a full English breakfast. The Wolseley, in the heart of Mayfair, delivers on that promise in spades. Starting at the Conrad London St. James, take a brief stroll through St. James’s Park, the oldest of London’s Royal Parks. As you cross the Blue Bridge, don’t miss the jaw-dropping views of Buckingham Palace to the west and Big Ben and the London Eye to the east. Yep, you’re in London alright. But enough instagramming, it’s time for breakfast. Make your way through the elegant lanes of St. James’s to Piccadilly and the iconic Art Deco café. We love this Viennese-style brasserie for most every meal, but especially for a jet-lagged breakfast. Order a pot of strong tea and a basket of just-baked and impossibly flaky viennoiserie, then watch the room fill up with a who’s who of London (while you pretend to read the FT). But leave room for the main event: The Wolseley’s English breakfast, with farm eggs, sausage, baked beans, and black pudding, is a thing of beauty. And exactly what you need to get your stay in London off to a proper start.

You can find The Wolseley right at Piccadilly. It’s located between the streets of Arlington and St. James. You’ll notice a small black sign on the exterior of the building and there you have it.

​THE WOLSELEY: 160 Piccadilly; 44-(0)-20-7499-6996; thewolseley.com